1. 1) since this morning, there is a lucky spider on the ceiling in my room. There’s also some bright green fly-like bug sitting about 1m away from the spider, but I have no idea what to make of that one.

    2) I also got another potential writing commission, depending on whether I hate the film far too much to review it or not. Yay for pay.

  2. First appointment with the fabled endocrinologist. Good impression, but I have to get up far too early tomorrow to go give a blood test. OTL I’ve never been tested for so many things, it’s basically a full A4 page list.

    I’ve lost 3k in 4 months with sporadic exercise and lots of comfort eating… not bad, but not that great either. Asked for a cholesterol test as well, am concerned, as I haven’t done much toward improving it tbh besides taking thyroid meds and some supplements.

    At least my blood pressure is perfect.

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Józef Pankiewicz, The Marketplace in Warsaw by Night 1892


    Józef Pankiewicz, The Marketplace in Warsaw by Night 1892

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    Fetishizing ‘power’ in women characters – having them kicking ass and always being ready with a putdown - isn’t the same as writing them as human beings.

    Jack Graham, in Stephen Moffat - A Case For The Prosecution, a guest post on Philip Sandifer’s blog (via linnealurks)

    This is applies double if your reasons for making a female character “powerful” are so that she can wear less, thus hopefully generate bigger profits and showcase true originality.

    - wincenworks

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  5. Growing all restless seeing pictures of Patrick Wolf’s merch desk at his latest lives because PENDANTS. I treasure the bird one more than I could express in words and would like to have a backup to avoid complete heartbreak if anything ever happens to it, and of course there are like 4 other options I don’t have/might perhaps like? In brief, waaaant, but there are none in his store online. OTL

  6. Beautiful, slightly bittersweet day. Went to the country house, because I haven’t managed to lately, and had a feeling it would be necessary. Sure enough, apples falling from the trees. Since May was so warm and trees blossomed early, they were probably ripe earlier as well, but parents are frankly not up to climbing ladders that much any more/possibly just don’t care, as dad is much more excited about picking mushrooms by the buckets, and my brothers are constantly occupied elsewhere. So I need to show up and put the hours in. Salvaged as much as I could from the best summer apples, then picked several wheelbarrowfuls of rotten apples from the ground under the trees and took them to the compost heap. Not that we’d have managed to eat them all anyway, but still feels like a massive waste. They taste like nothing you can get in the shops either.

    Also, while a bit of running did nothing at all to me, I’m already quite sore at places as a result of all that apple hauling, and possibly a little feverish. Boo.

    Washing machine is officially finished. I’ve found 2 balls from the ball bearing on the bathroom floor, am assuming there are more under the machine, as the drum is barely moving now - and that’s in addition to the occasional leaks. Have decided to get a second-hand one for ~150 €, which would hopefully last for a few years. Am not feeling too confident about being able to afford a proper one by then, but have to try, I guess. 

    Watched How I Live Now with boyf. I liked the book, and it was a pretty solid adaptation, but it was more intense than I had anticipated and I’m quite shaken and unsettled now (not helped by the slightly feverish feeling).

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    Went for a walk with just my phone and keys, because for the time being I am too broke to casually drop by grocery stores, never mind being too chunky to casually stuff my face with “something good” on a daily basis. Then decided to try running because what the hell, and now I FEEL MORE ACCOMPLISHED THAN I THOUGHT POSSIBLE.

    I’ve wanted to pick up running again, but have kept putting it off because heart palpitations, shin splint risk, not having or wearing appropriate gear, worries about my stamina being shit and generally anticipating it would be HARD and miserable, but somehow it was almost strangely easy. Have to do it again. 

  8. My mother, the incorrigible charity shop fiend, has managed to buy a vintage Emilio Pucci sweater for the princely sum of 6 €. Might be jealous, but it is far too large for me and also ITCHY like all hell when I tried it on.  

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    Got an offer to write something, accepted it because money (not that it will pay all that much), and also because I think I’m reasonably well equipped to genuinely contribute to the discussion.

  10. Ahahaha, this packet of sugar-free candy literally says “no pangs of regret with 100% guilt free”. And yet I’m about to eat them with full knowledge of the gross things isomalt does to my system.